Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials  Starting 2/19/18

For Lunch - $6.50


Egg Salad Sandwich w/Bowl of Soup & Chips


Pastrami of Rye w/Swiss, FF & Cole Slaw

Tuesday Night:

Wing Night  .50 Wings In House Only


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides


Pot Roast w/2 Sides


Meatloaf w/2 Sides

Friday Night: 

Baked or Fried Rockfish w/2 Sides $16.95


AYCE Buffet Breakfast 10-12


Off the Menu








Still no snow to amount to anything.  My sleds runners are getting rusty.  Kinda like me.

The Scallops on the Himalayan Salt Blocks were great.  A little salty but great.

This Friday on our Lenten journey is Fried or Baked Rockfish with 2 Sides for $16.95.

Next week (Friday March 3rd) is another Pub first 1/2 a fresh (1 1/4lb)Lobster Stuffed with Crab Imperial w/2 Sides $21.95.  Reservations are necessary so that I know how many Lobsters to order.  Cut off for Reservations is Monday February 26th.  It should be fun. 

Today is the Daytona 500 and our Annual Pot Luck Buffet.  The festivities start around 1:00.

Stevie D, the One Man Band, was a great hit last night.  The weather held down the participation.  He will be back.  Our next live music is Johnny Sines and Paul from 6:30 to 10:30 on Saturday March 3rd in the Dining Room.

Crash and his lovely wife, Carol, are embarking on a new adventure.  Cruising.  Crash is going to be offering Cruises starting on the banks of the Pub.  The preliminary itinerary is down the creek to the Monacacy with stops at the Park, The Route 80 Bridge and Lilly Ponds.  Excursions will be offered.  This all inclusive trip will be the experience of a lifetime.  The details are still in the early stages and the dock and support facilities are yet to be built.  This new facility will bring an enormous influx of tourists to Buckeystown.  Rumor has it that Warren Buffet is providing the Venture Capitol.  More details as they become available.

This weeks Specials are:

Monday:  Egg Salad Sandwich w/a Bowl of Soup & Chips

Tuesday:  Hot Pastrami on Rye w/Swiss & FF & Cole Slaw

Wednesday:  Fried Chicken w/2 Sides

Thursday:  Pot Roast w/2 Sides

Friday:  Meat Loaf w/2 Sides

Friday Night:  Baked or Fried Rockfish w/2 Sides $16.95

This coming Saturday is our Last Saturday of the Month AYCE Buffet Breakfast from 10 to 12 featuring Made to Order Omelets & Made From Scratch Waffles.  What a great way to start your weekend!

If you haven’t see the video on fb yet, ask Doreen to show you her granddaughter walking the dog.  She is so cute.  The granddaughter that is, not Doreen!

Kathryn was complaining about smoke from the Scallops.  There was no smoke, only a little steam.  While she was complaining, she was sitting there puffing on a cigarette.  What does that tell you?  Now, of course she was not smoking inside.  Now we know why she is so short.

Pete & his wife Ann are in Mexico enjoying a few days off.  I think President Trump sent them down there to negotiate “Who is paying for the Wall”.  I wonder if it is All Inclusive.  Crash could use some insight.

The Tickets for the AYCE Shrimp Feed on April 7th are at the Bar.

See you at the Pub for the Daytona 500


The Three Fools