Weekly Specials


Weekly Specials  Starting  6/17/19

For Lunch - $6.50


Italian Sausage Sandwich w/FF


Cheeseburger w/Onion Rings


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides


Grilled Cheese w/Bowl of Tomato Soup


Pork Chop w/2 Sides

Friday Night:





Crabs (Fathers Day)








HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you dads.  I hope you have an enjoyable day.  My daughter Heather is taking me to breakfast this morning and later on today Heidi and the gang are taking me to The Pub for Crabs where we will be joined by an other daughter, Kelly.  It should be  a great day.

Speaking of the Pub, I ordered in 120 bu. of crabs for the weekend.  We got 85 in before we were told that the high winds on the bay were preventing the crabbers from going out.  We got 4 more yesterday which brings us to 89.  I am waiting to hear if we are going to get any today.  The best laid plans of mice and men!   What is a person to do?  We do give it our best.  I will post on fb as soon as I hear.  

Yesterday:  It was Special Delivery on Stage.  We had a great turn-out.  It was a fun group.  Everyone was having a great time.  Kind of a pre-Father’s Day celebration.  I should say, everyone had a great time except for little ole Doreen.  She didn’t smile at me once.  No Respect.  I am going to have to send her to Rehab at Nice School.  Even her granddaughter, Peanut, agrees and she’s not school age yet.

This coming Saturday, Miss Linda and I are accompanying her daughter, Teresa, and two grandsons to Disney World in Orlando for a week.  It will be exhausting I am sure.  Yesterday, I went to my first 4H Dairy Judging at the Fair Grounds.  Landon, Teresa’s #1 son, was showing his Holstein Calf for the 1st time.  He was in two competitions and he placed third in both.  Not bad for a first time and he is only 8.

This week’s Specials are:

Monday:  Italian Sausage Sandwich w/FF

Tuesday:  Cheeseburger w/Onion Rings

Wednesday:  Grandma’s Fried Chicken w/2 Sides (Actually it is not Grandma’s because it is not Pan Fried)

Thursday:  Grilled Cheese w/A Bowl of Tomato Soup

Friday:  Pork Chop w/2 Sides

Grandma Judy has been putting together the Lunch Specials and I understand that there is a lot of compliments on the variety.  Way to go Grandma!

I was at the Pub the other night and there was this , I use the term loosely, young lady.  I should probably say, aging young lady.  She is a former Jimmy Johnson Fan.  Now there is not to many of them left.  Of course, there wasn’t too many to begin with.  She made several disparaging comments about yours truly.  Like I say:  I get no respect.  You don’t think that I would let that pass without bringing it up in the Pub Mail?  Of course, it was at Byron’s suggestion that I mention it in the first place.  You notice that I did not mention her name.  Her husband is a fan of O’Donald’s.  The best Rum Buns around.

This coming Saturday it is Sean Preston and the Loaded Pistols on Stage from 4 to 8.  We appreciate everyone’s cooperation with the parking attendants.  It seems to be running smoothly.

We did have a minor power outage at the Tiki Bar yesterday.  It got a little dark in there.  Poor Beth.  We finally ran an extension cord and temporary light to solve the immediate situation.  It was Deja Vu from last year when PE had the fire on the incoming electric service.  Nothing to that magnitude.  

I just got a text from Mr. B., who I was relying on for Crabs today.  He said that the Crabbers have not been out since Tuesday due to weather, High Winds.  So, No more Crabs.  We have enough to cover the reservations that we have.  I don’t have an exact count whether or not there is any additional.  You can call after noon and check.  That’s the best that I can say.

Have a wonderful Father’s Day.


The Three Fools