Weekly Specials


Weekly Specials  Starting 4/22/19

For Lunch - $6.50


Tuna Melt w/FF


Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/Onion Rings


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides


Grilled Ham & Cheese w/Cup of Soup


Meat Loaf w/2 Sides

Friday Night:




Crabs are Coming May 3rd








HAPPY EASTER.  The Pub is closed today so that the Easter Bunny can visit Doreen’s granddaughter without getting harassed by Doreen.  Julia, her granddaughter, has promised to do my laundry.  Imagine that.  I am sure that pleases the hell out of Doreen.

Well, Lent is over.  That translates to Duncan being back in the bag.  Poor Jane.

Of late, we have had quite a few new customers in the Pub.  That is a good sign.  They enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere and the friendly people that come in.  They have commented that, ” This is what a Neighborhood Tavern should be.  Wait till the Crabs are back.

Speaking of Crabs!  Friday May 3rd will be the first day of Crabs at the Pub.  I can’t wait.  It is early so they wont be as big as they will be as time goes on, but of course all you Maryland Crab Eaters already know that.  Just for your information, our suppliers come from:  Stevensville, Cambridge, the Choptank, Middle River and Chrisfield, a good cross section of Bay Crabs.  

We will publish the prices next week as soon as we know.

This weeks Specials are:

Monday:  Tuna Melt w/FF

Tuesday:  Grilled Chicken Sandwich w/Onion Rings

Wednesday:  Fried Chicken w/2 Sides

Thursday:  Grilled Ham & Cheese w/ Cup of Soup

Friday:  Meatloaf w/2 Sides

Friday Night:  Surprise