Weekly Specials

Weekly Lunch Specials  Starting  12/09/2019

For Lunch - $6.50


Steak & Cheese Sub w/Chips


Tuna Melt w/FF


Meatball Sub w/Onion Rings


Hot Grilled Ham & Swiss on Keyser Roll w/Cup of Potato Soup 


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides










 Cruising the Danube.  Trying to figure out how to use this Apple Computer.  I think that I am mentally challenged.

It snowed the first day in Budapest and has been cold ever since except for today.  It is actually supposed to reach 40.  BURR!!! So far the towns that we have visited are pretty cool and the Christmas markets are different from what `i expected but are really neat.  There are a lot of `christmas ornaments, many handmade, a lot of ceramics and a lot of scarfs, handmade of course.  There is a myriad of other stuff as well.  They also have Mulled Wine.  It is served in a small mug or boot warm.  For two euros you can keep he mug.  The one downfall is that they don’t take credit cards for the most part.  You have to keep exchanging money.  They have one thing that I haven’t tried, Linda has.  It is called a “Chimney Cake” .  It is cooked on something that resembles a rolling pin.  Then they sprinkle stuff on it and in some cases fill the inside with ice cream.  they are cooked on a charcoal fire while spinning.  Linda says they are great.  I hope to find out tomorrow.

This weeks Specials are:

Monday:  Steak & Cheese Sub w/Chips

Tuesday:  Tuna Melt w/FF

Wednesday: Meatball Sub w/Onion Rings

Thursday:  Hot Grilled Ham & Swiss on Keyser Roll w/cup of Potato Soup

Friday:  Fried Chicken w/2 Sides

Grandma Judy served breakfast Friday Morning at WFMD for the volunteers for Christmas Cash for Kids.  The total raised this year was just over $110,000.  How awesome is that.  How awesome were Grandma Judy & Mary for taking over.

Since leaving Budapest, we have spent two days in Vienna and today between two cities, Krems & Merk.  Both are small cities but with really nice shops.  In Merk we toured the Abbey.  Never seen an Abbey.  It is still lived in by monks who do writings `i guess.  We didn’t  get to see any.  The first part was built back in 1090.  There was one circular stair that when you looked down it, you were half way to China.  Gave me butterflies.  From the Abby Miss Linda and I went on an adventure.  We decided to take a short cut back to the boat.  `so we asked directions at one of the little booths .  They said bear to the right across the bridge and through the woods.  We had to climb a barricade but we made it.  It was dark as hell.  We eventually used our phones for light.  We even beat the busses back.  

It is dark here.  Maryland doesn’t play until 5:00.  If you don’t know they are 9-0 and are ranked #3 in the Country.  Pretty impressive if you ask me.

This coming Saturday, the 14th, from 6:30-10:30 it is Billy James.  Most of you know Billy from So Far Gone during the early days of music at the `pub and more recently from The Few.  Come on our and join in the fun and get in the Christmas Spirit.

On Friday night December 20th from 6:30 to 8:30 is the Pub’s Annual Customer (Christmas) Party.  Come out and enjoy Happy Hour Prices and Complimentary Horderves.  

The Skins are riding a two game winning streak.  I sure wouldn’t want to be Pete should the Skins beat the Packers.  Tune in Sunday to find out.

Miss Linda and I return home on Wednesday i believe.  Could be Thursday.  Not sure.  I got to admit the beer here is excellent.  The food…Not so much!

See you at the Pub.


The Three Fools