Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials  Starting 4/23/18

For Lunch - $6.50




Beef Stew


Fried Chicken w/2 Sides


Grilled Ham & Cheese w/Potato Soup


Spaghetti w/Tossed Salad & Garlic Bread

Friday Night: 

Off the Menu


Off the Menu


Off the Menu








Spring is finally here.  At least at the Pub.  The Patio opened to the great sounds of Poverty Ridge.  We had an awesome turnout.  It was great to see everyone once again enjoying themselves to the beginning of a new season.

Buster, Santa Claus, who has been recovering from a brain surgery, was there with his new fiancé.  I understand the date is in September.  Congratulations. 

Well my son, Kent & his lovely fiancé, Shannon, got married last Sunday.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  They each wrote their own vows.  Can’t say much for Kent’s literary ability but Shannon’s was awesome.  The food, drink and company were great.  It is always a treat when you get all the family together.  I came out smelling like a rose.  I gained a daughter-in-law and another grandson and a second grand daughter.  Not to shabby.

This coming Saturday is the Pub’s final, for the winter, AYCE Buffet Breakfast from 10 to 12.  If the weather cooperates, we will do it on the Patio.  Come on out and have some fun and great food.  Plenty of it.

Saturday Evening it is Sean Preston and the Loaded Pistols on stage from 4 to 8. 

Keep praying for warmer weather.  It helps the Crabs.  As it stands now, we are expecting our first order of Crabs on Wednesday May 2nd.  We have no idea what they will look like or how much we will have to pay for them. 

Now, everyone knows how old Doreen is getting.  There was proof in the pudding yesterday.  Her daughter, Britany and her granddaughter, Julia, came to the Pub to celebrate her 2nd Birthday.  Time sure does fly.  I know Doreen feels it.  Julia sure enjoyed her special day.  I do think that Doreen has been exerting her influence over Julia.  She did not give me a hug nor wanted to.

Michelle’s mom & step dad came by to see how their daughter at work.  I told her mom that it is a hard thing to see.  Her working that is.  I thought her mom was going to kill me.  Her look was priceless.

This weeks Specials are: 

Monday:  BLT w/FF

Tuesday:  Beef Stew

Wednesday:  Fried Chicken w/2 Sides

Thursday:  Grilled Ham & Cheese w/Potato Soup

Friday:  Spaghetti w/Tossed Salad & Garlic Bread

Have a great week.  See You at the Pub.


The Three Fools